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RealtyRewards™ is a new way to receive a Rebate of up to $20,000 when buying/selling a home! 

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The RealtyRewards™ Program

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Next, you will be paired with an experienced Real Estate Agent with local expertise to begin the buying/selling process.

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After closing on your home, we give you a Cash Rebate of up to 1% (up to $20,000+) of the purchase or sale price.

Who We Are

We would like to introduce ourselves and tell you a little more about our program. 

The home buying/selling process has become more and more expensive over the last few decades.

We realized there had to be another way - a way that could be simple and easy while still making the home buying/selling process less expensive. 


With all of the online applications for searching homes and all of the virtual tours and photos that it takes to both buy and sell a home, you're pitching in now more than ever.

So, we felt you should be rewarded for your time and effort too!

RealtyRewards™ is a one-stop shop. We provide you direct access to some of the top lenders in the country for a free Pre-Qualification.

Once you're Pre-Qualified, we immediately align you with an experienced Real Estate Agent who has local expertise to begin your home buying/selling process.

After closing on your home, RealtyRewards™ will give you a Cash Rebate of up to 1% of the purchase/sale price to enjoy! 

There is absolutely no cost for this incredible program and better yet, no obligation!  





We realize that Rebates of this magnitude are a new concept. However, we have spent years developing this process. 

The team at RealtyRewards™ has searched the market to find the best people and partners. We’ve dedicated our lives to simplifying the process in order to get you into your dream home faster and with more money in your pocket.

Best of all - there is no catch!

You're going to buy and/or sell a home anyway, why not receive substantial rewards in the process?


$250,000 home - $2,500 Rebate*

$750,000 home - $7,500 Rebate*

$1,200,000 home - $12,000 Rebate*

$2,000,000+ home - $20,000+ Rebate*


*Receive a Home Rebate of up to 1% of the purchase/sale price - examples above based on 3% commission to Realtor